Communication Coaching

Style is just as important as substance. We perfect our style by raising self-awareness about communication patterns, deciding how we want to improve, and then acquiring necessary new communication skills.

The problem is that we tend to be blind to our own flaws. We need an outside expert to assess our performance and suggest changes. That's where Communication Power comes in. We're experts at one-on-one communication coaching, tailored to your individual communication needs.

Communication Power is different from many communication coaching programs:

  • Communication training sessions are completely customized to address client's personal communication challenges.
  • Employees spend only an hour or two in one-on-one communication coaching sessions rather than days in classes, avoiding lost productivity.
  • With individualized attention, effectiveness is high — and an excellent value for a relatively low investment.

Our communication coaching sessions are customized for each client, but often focus on two key areas:


Turn to Communication Power for all your
communication training needs:

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